Safe Operation

Safe Operation

Activities to raise Safety Awareness

1. Safety Month

A month-long campaign to enhance safety is held every June. We strive to raise safety awareness among land-based employees and crew members alike.

Our main activities are as follows:

  • Conduct research and provide guidance on safe loading/discharging and navigation of all our operated vessels through visits and on-board audits.
  • Host shipowner safety conferences to share safety awareness with shipowners and ship management companies.
  • Promote safe work practices among crew members by distributing posters and boiler suits.
  • Conduct table-top drills to ensure an effective response to marine incidents.
  • Invite outside experts to make safety-related presentations to employees.


2. Crew Education / Training

As a vessel operator, we attend crew training sessions held by manning companies in South Korea, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Myanmar to help our allocated seafarers develop a stronger awareness of safe operation.


 3. Recognizing Excellence in vessel operations

Twice a year, MOL Chemical Tankers honors excellent vessels with certificates of commendation and cash bonuses. The top two vessels are selected based on assessments submitted by relevant departments including overseas offices (accident information and analysis reports).


Building a framework to maintain safe operation

4. QSC

Quality Safety Committee (QSC) meeting is held every month. With the target of eliminating serious incidents (marine accidents, ocean pollution, fatalities), QSC determines the causes of nonconformities that occurred during a given month and formulates measures to prevent reoccurrence in the future.


Boarding Supervisor Network

5. Boarding Supervisor Network

We have developed a system of horizontal communication (through company circulars such as NAVWAR, COMWAR, and so on) throughout the entire fleet, distributing information on causes of incidents related to navigation, vessel operation, loading/discharging, and so on, and communicating measures to prevent such problems.

In addition, all our operated vessels share information regarding pirate attacks and changes in navigation rules and regulations, seeking to ensure safe navigation.

6. Through cargo quality management and maintenance

MOL Chemical Tankers transports various high value-added, delicate and perishable cargo that are considered difficult to handle, in addition to animal fats and vegetable oils. We brought together our long-term experience and know-how to develop Auto Cargo Allocation System (ACA) which utilizes optimization algorithm to automate stowage planning and optimize cargo allocation and voyage performance, as well as improving safety onboard our vessels.

7. Tank cleaning

At MOL Chemical Tankers, we have decades of experience in tank cleaning technology and procedures, and are constantly upgrading our expertise to meet customer needs. We strictly conform to the standards set by MARPOL and others for discharging cleaning water.

1. Tank Cleaning
2. Detergent Cleaning
3. Rinsing
4. Steaming
5. Drying
6. Inspection