Rescue Operation off the Caribbean

April 26, 2023

Our owned vessel M/T NORDIC ANN” (IMO 9422665 / Denmark Flag) was involved in Rescue Operation off the Caribbean on 24th April 2023.

At 07:30 Officer on watch spotted drifting boat on fire and informed Master immediately. M/T “NORDIC ANN” had reduced the speed and approached closer to investigate the situation and found a small boat on fire and 3 persons in water. At the same time a container vessel located nearby approached the spot as well. Communication had been established and coordinated Man Over Board rescue action started. Rescue boats from both vessels had been lowered and proceeded for survivors. Our team recovered 1 person and the container vessel picked up 2 persons. Survivors had been taken onboard with first aid and hydration given and got changed. They suffered minor burns, cuts and bruises but found in general good condition.

According to the investigation, the boat being on a trip caught fire due to the engine explosion.

After communication with local Authorities (MRCC* Cuba), the 3 survivors were placed onboard the container vessel for repatriation to Puerto of Mariel, Cuba. At 10:00lt the rescue operations had been completed and M/T “NORDIC ANN” resumed voyage to Houston, US.  

This rescue activity is a commendable achievement by our crew. The contribution to the safe rescuing of 3 lives proved full professionalism and excellent performance in this distress situation.

*MRCC: Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre


The rescued boat emitting smoke