Chemical Tankers
Chemical Tankers

Chemical Tankers

The technical operation of Chemical Tankers requires sophisticated knowledge to manage the additional health and environmental hazards, which the cargo poses. We take pride in managing these hazards and operate the fleet in a safe, efficient and economical manner.

We have confidence that our crew who man these vessels can take on such a challenge, a confidence which has been built by our unprecedented training program, detailed knowledge of issues concerning Chemical cargo and the sophisticated tankers in which it is carried as well as various regulations affecting the trade.

Any accident of a chemical tanker would threaten the safety of human lives and potentially the marine environment. The philosophy of MOL Chemical Tankers Group is “Where there is safety, there is prosperity”. ‘Safety’ is a culture inculcated in each and every member of our group, both onboard and in our worldwide offices. Having a strong focus on chemical tanker business, MOL Chemical Tankers handles many cargo types which can be flammable, corrosive, and/or toxic and need to be handled properly according to restrictions. It is essential to have the knowledge of special characteristics of each cargo type as well as the high level of know-how related to specific appropriate procedures in handling the cargo. At MOL Chemical Tankers, including the crew in-charge of operation are well-versed in the characteristics of several hundred kinds of cargo types and are able to meet charterers’ strict standards. Our company always put a remarkable focus on staff training and engages various activities to raise safety awareness every year.

We provide smooth and global service worldwide through well-established network by eight business offices:

  • Singapore – Headquarters of MOL Chemical Tankers Group. Handling shipment sailing out of Asia
  • London – Handling shipment sailing out of Europe to Asia and India
  • Copenhagen – Handling shipment sailing out of Europe to U.S. East Coast / U.S Gulf, and intra-Europe Shipment
  • Houston – Handling shipment sailing out of U.S. West Coast / U.S. Gulf to Asia and Europe
  • Stamford – Handling shipment sailing out of U.S. East Coast to Europe, sailing to and out of US Gulf to East Coast Canada, and shipment within North/South America
  • Bogota – Operating as communication window for customers in Colombia and providing operational assistance to Stamford office for shipment sailing to and out of Colombia and Caribbean countries
  • Dubai – Handling shipment sailing out of Middle East
  • Tokyo – Operating as communication window for trading houses and wholesale customers in Japan and providing operational assistance to the headquarters

Additionally, with the successful acquisition of Fairfield Chemical Carriers effective 1 March 2024, our service network has further expanded. For more information of please refer to

Our global service network ensures to be readily approachable by our overseas customers and to respond efficiently to customers’ requests or any change in circumstances through close cooperation among our business offices.

MOL Chemical Tankers Group work together to achieve customers’ full satisfaction.

One key contributing factor to MOL Chemical Tankerss achievements is our in-house ship management capability. Currently, ship management is undertaken by two subsidiaries specializing in chemical tankers, namely Unix Line in Singapore and TM Shipmanagement in Korea.

This in-house ship management strategy allows MOL Chemical Tankers to operate its chemical tankers safely and efficiently, creating a source of competitiveness. The quality of ship management is reliant on our people, including marine and technical superintendents who possess rich experience and high technical ability to oversee safety from land and seafarers who are in charge of operation and cargo handling.

Singapore is an optimal location for ship management, with a great source of business information. Since most of MOL Chemical Tankerss fleet calls at Singapore, this makes it easy for our ship management companies to directly confirm the status of their vessels and to hold direct dialogues with their crews. In addition, Singapore also provides a great pool of human resources in ship management such as superintendents as well as an active market for ship repairs and marine equipment. Unix Line has been in Singapore since the 90s and in the year 2012, headquarters of MOL Chemical Tankers was shifted from Tokyo to Singapore to further this holistic approach.

Recently, in addition to our in-house ship management, we have been strengthening our ship management system in cooperation with other companies such as MOL Synergy (Singapore) and Dania Ship Management (Denmark).

MOL Chemical Tankers has built its business on the trust of its strong customer base in many parts of the world. Our group is very conscious of the importance of our role in every customer’s supply chain and is always devoting to achieve customers’ full satisfaction through safe and timely operation. For example, for one of our core businesses – parcel transport, MOL Chemical Tankers strives to meet customers’ needs by providing a wide range of transport sizes from 500-ton lots to 20,000-ton lots. Over the years, the group’s commitment made to our customers has earned us the reputation of a reliable and responsible carrier. Our customers’ recognition and appreciation of our charterers’ quality services, is evident from our long-term customer relations and our growing business.

Most of our ships are equipped with stainless steel tanks that are highly resistant to corrosion and can take on any type of cargo shipped in bulk by sea, making MOL Chemical Tankers third position in the world in terms of transport capacity via stainless steel tanks. In addition, all owned vessels in our fleet are built in Japanese shipyards, which are globally well-known for the expertise and techniques, bringing high assurance in the quality of our vessels.