MOL Chemical Tankers Change of Officers

MOL Chemical Tankers Change of Officers

December 03, 2018

MOL Chemical Tankers Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) announced that it has resolved on
the following change of Executive Officers of the Company.

MOL Chemical Tankers Pte. Ltd.

【Change of Executive Officers on 1st January 2019】
・ Newly appointment of Executive Officer : Toshitaka Sunayama
・ Newly appointment of Executive Officer : Hiroki Higashiyama

【Directors on and after 1st January 2019】
(Title) (Name)
・ Managing Director Tsuneo Watanabe
・ Director Akio Mitsuta
・ Director Hirofumi Nara
・ Director Yoshihiko Iijima
・ Director Yoshinobu Suzuki
・ Director Hiroaki Okada

【Executive Officers and their responsibilities on and after 20th June, 2018】
(Title) (Name) (Responsibilities)
・ Chief Executive Officer Tsuneo Watanabe : supervising overall performance of the company
・ Chief Operating Officer Akio Mitsuta : supervising Business related Divisions, Internal
Audit Division
・ Executive Officer Hirofumi Nara : Marine Division, Operations Division
・ Executive Officer Yoshihiko Iijima : Asia Division
・ Executive Officer Yoshinobu Suzuki : Human Resources Division, Planning & Project
・ Executive Officer Hiroaki Okada : Business Planning Division
・ Executive Officer Shinichi Yamamoto : Strategic Allocation Division
・ Executive Officer Alastair Whiteford : North & South America Division
・ Executive Officer Egil Giertsen : Europe & Africa Division
・ Executive Officer Bong Sik Han : Middle East Division
・ Executive Officer Toshitaka Sunayama : Internal Audit Division, IT System Division
・ Executive Officer Hiroki Higashiyama : Administration Division, Accounting Division