Full Integration of MOL Nordic Tankers into MOL Chemical Tankers Group

April 29, 2020

In January 2019, MOL Chemical Tankers Pte. Ltd. acquired all shares of Nordic Tankers (now named MOL Nordic Tankers). In August 2019, MOL Chemical Tankers announced the new MOLNT Management Team and the plan to fully integrate MOL Nordic Tankers into MOL Chemical Tankers within 2020. With execution date set as per 1 May 2020, we see this full integration as a natural step towards further developing our business to the benefit of our customers.

As of 1st May, we will provide services under one united brand ‘MOL Chemical Tankers’. The four MOL Nordic Tankers company entities located in Copenhagen, Stamford, Houston and Bogotá, will legally change names as follows:

Former company name

New company name

Commercial contact details:

 MOL Nordic Tankers Trading A/S

 MOL Chemical Tankers Europe A/S


 MOL Nordic Tankers (USA) LLC 

 MOL Chemical Tankers America LLC


 MOL Nordic Tankers (Colombia) S.A.S.

 MOL Chemical Tankers Colombia S.A.S.



There will be no changes in terms of our daily business and contact with customers, stakeholders and business partners. Hence, all point(s) of contact will remain unchanged and we will continue to deliver high-quality service every day.    

Below is an overview of the new MOL Chemical Tankers Group Management setup.

Statement from MOL Chemical Tankers CEO, Tsuneo Watanabe:

“Uniting network, activities and resources of the two companies under one brand, puts the MOL Chemical Tankers Group in a strong competitive industry position, where we will be able to service an even wider range of customer segments and to expand our commercial and operational activities to the benefit of our customers”.

In addition to the above, as already announced, Tsuneo Watanabe will resign from his position as CEO in June 2020 and COO Akio Mitsuta will enter the position as Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director of MOL Chemical Tankers.  We are confident that the change in the CEO position will be a smooth transition as Mr. Watanabe and Mr. Mitsuta already work closely together on the strategic vision and direction of the company.

We are pleased to continue our strong collaboration with colleagues across our offices in Singapore, London, Houston, Dubai, Tokyo, Rotterdam, Busan, Shanghai, Copenhagen, Stamford and Bogotá under one brand.



Title and responsibilities

 Tsuneo Watanabe

 Chief Executive Officer, supervising overall performance of the company

 (Scheduled to resign in June 2020)

 Akio Mitsuta

 Chief Operating Officer, supervising overall performance of the company

 (Scheduled to be appointed CEO in June 2020)

 Hirofumi Nara

 Executive Officer of Marine Division, Operations Division

 Yoshihiko Iijima

 Executive Officer of Asia Division (responsible for Asia-Americas (east bound), Asia-Middle East/Indian Ocean (west bound),
 Intra-Asia, Free-Tonnage (including MR Type vessels)), Post Fixture Division

 Yoshinobu Suzuki

 Executive Officer of Human Resources Division, Project Division

 Toshitaka Sunayama

 Executive Officer of Internal Audit Division, IT System Division

 Kentaro Ayai

 Executive Officer of Group Planning & Management Division

 Hiroki Higashiyama

 Executive Officer of Administration Division, Accounting Division

 Yasuhiro Suzuka

 Executive Officer of Business Planning Division, Product Tanker Division

 Shinichi Yamamoto

 Executive Officer of Strategic Allocation Division

 Alastair Whiteford

 Executive Officer of Houston Division (responsible for Americas-Asia (west bound), North America-East Coast South
 America (both bound)

 Egil Giertsen

 Executive Officer of London Division (responsible for Europe-Asia (both bound), Europe-Middle East (east bound),
 Europe-Africa (both bound) 

 Bong Sik Han

 Executive Officer of Dubai Division (responsible for Middle East-Asia (east bound), Middle East-Europe (west bound)

 Annette B. Hasenberg

 Executive Officer of Atlantic Division, supervising overall management of Atlantic Division

 Howard Powers

 Executive Officer of Atlantic Division, responsible for Trans-Atlantic East bound, West Coast South America, and Carib

 Anders Hannested

 Executive Officer of Atlantic Division, responsible for Trans-Atlantic West bound, and Intra-Europe

 Niels Mathiesen

 Executive Officer of Atlantic Division, Co-management of Fleet Planning, Operation, Marine and Technical matters in the
 Atlantic Area