Working Environment

Working Environment


MOL Chemical Tankers has around 370 employees working in offices in 11 cities in Asia, Europe, Americas and Middle East. Due to the nature of the Shipping industry, it is necessary to collaborate and work with employees of different nationalities and cultures. Only in MOL Chemical Tankers head office in Singapore, employees of different nationalities in 10 countries work together and collaborate with colleagues around the world.

Safety First

Under our corporate philosophy “Where there is safety, there is prosperity”, MOL Chemical Tankers put utmost importance on safety and has been making continuous and restless efforts. MOL Chemical Tankers hold a month-long campaign to enhance safety every June to raise safety awareness among land-based employees and crew members alike. Also, as a vessel operator, we attend crew training sessions held by manning companies in South Korea, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Myanmar to help our allocated seafarers develop a stronger awareness of safe operation.

Open & Honest communication

We believe open and honest communication creates a more efficient work environment and enhances a positive atmosphere in the office. MOL Chemical Tankers is striving to create an environment where work relations among managers and colleagues are open and where opinions can be exchanged on a regular basis and whenever necessary. Furthermore, in MOL Chemical Tankers, by regularly communicating transparently about the company’s goals and employees’ goals, managers and employees can obtain a mutual understanding of their goals, and through feedback and teamwork they can achieve these together.