Message from Chief Executive Officer

Message from Chief Executive Officer

Since its founding in 1972, our company has been committed to providing safe and reliable transportation services as a leading company in the chemical transportation industry. Our customers and business partners are vital to our success, and we are grateful for our strong and trustful relations.  

Our company has developed into a global industry competitor, making our mark across the world. With the aim of becoming the world’s No.1 chemical tanker operator, we have launched a new strategic long-term business plan ‘MOL Chemical Tankers Blue Action 2035’, and we are working targeted to reach our goals.

Besides a continued focus on expanding our fleet and providing excellent services to our customers, the main areas of the Blue Action Plan include safety enhancement, human capital strategy, digital transformation, and improvement of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for the future. These essential areas are designed to meet the changes in society, including the requirements of the next generation.

Innovative and ambitious goals outlined by Management are essential to make changes and it requires courage and drive from the people working in the organization. To me, Human Capital is the most important foundation  in a company, and at MOL Chemical Tankers, we invest in our people by focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion as well as empowerment and engagement.

The shipping industry is everchanging and we must always be ready to respond to both challenges and new opportunities. As one united global team, we work closely together across continents and departments, and we strive to keep improving our ways of working to the benefit of our customers and colleagues as well as society and the environment.

Meeting the expectations and trust of our customers and business partners around the world is the key to our success.

MOL Chemical Tankers Pte. Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer
Akira Sasa