Message from Chief Executive Officer

Message from Chief Executive Officer

Our company is committed to provide safe and reliable transportation services under the doctrine: “Where there is safety, there is prosperity”. The operation of chemical tankers requires compliance with international regulations, awareness and protection of the environment, as well as high quality and safety management. In addition, we must comply with the various handling requirements set by customers.

Without strong relations to our customers, we cannot run our business. As a leading company in the chemical transportation industry with advanced navigation and ship management technologies, we have earned the trust of our customers over many years of reliable services, and we will continue to seek ways to further improving our services.

We believe that open and honest communication is the key to good business, and in order for us to succeed and to establish sound relations to our customers, we must ensure targeted and strategic communication both internally and externally. Transparent communication across the organization empowers our employees to contribute and collaborate across departments and locations – to the benefit of us all.

Over the recent years, our company have been taking important steps to ensure its continued growth. First, the acquisition of Nordic Tankers, a Danish chemical tanker operator, significantly strengthened our service network in the Atlantic Ocean. We have also formed a capital alliance with Den Hartogh, a leading Dutch tank container company, and we are developing a tank terminal in Antwerp Port together with a local company, Sea-tank.

We always strive to be a step ahead and through innovative strategic initiatives, we aim to deliver exceptional services to our customers every day.

MOL Chemical Tankers Pte. Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer
Akio Mitsuta