Message from Chief Executive Officer

Message from Chief Executive Officer

As of April 2022, Akio Sasa has been appointed MD/CEO of the MOLCT Group. Mr. Sasa has been part of the MOL Group since 1989 and has experience in tankers, containers, bulk and corporate planning.

As a chemical tankers operator, we are strongly committed to complying with international regulations, taking responsibility for environmental matters, as well as ensuring high quality and safety management. Our continued focus is to meet requirements set by our valued customers.

In 2022, we celebrate our company’s 50 years anniversary, and in compliance with our company’s philosophy ‘Where there is safety, there is prosperity’, throughout the years, we have worked targeted to provide safe and reliable marine transportation services. In this regard, I would like to thank our customers and stakeholders for the strong cooperation and for trusting our service deliveries. Going forward, we will continue to respond to customer needs and focus on how to create even better value to society in various forms. We will also actively take on new opportunities as they arise, and we have already taken important steps to pave the way for further growth of our company.

During the last couple of years, to strengthen our core chemical tanker business, we significantly expanded our service network by fully acquiring Nordic Tankers, while also forming a capital appliance with Den Hartogh, which is one of the world’s leading tank container operators. Further, we are currently working on a comprehensive tank terminal project at a hub port. Our aim is to become an integrated logistics solution provider by organically combining these three businesses and upgrading our transportation services.

Decarbonization and taking environmental measures within the shipping industry are also vital issues that must be addressed by all members of the industry, and MOLCT is no exception. We will advance towards the next generation of running a more environmentally friendly company with the guidance and support of all stakeholders. Our company strives to further improve its services as a leading company in the chemical transportation industry with our advanced operations and ship management skills that can sustain customers’ trust by putting safety first at all times.

I am proud of how far we have come since 1972. I am in no doubt that in the next 50 years, our company will continue to grow and further cement our strong market position.

MOL Chemical Tankers Pte. Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer
Akira Sasa