Corporate Principles

Corporate Principles

Our Company Policy

To Be a Leading Service Provider with Innovative Logistics Solutions
Our target is to meet customers’ logistic needs for the transportation and storage of any liquid chemicals, vegetable oils, acids and others as a leading company in the industry.

To Be a Customer-Oriented Company
Customer satisfaction will always be our primary concern by providing innovative, stable services of the highest-standard with sincerity and mutual trust.

To Ensure Safe Operations with the Philosophy of “Where there is safety, there is prosperity”
We will give top priority to safe operations in our logistic services and conscientiously protect the environment as a part of our social responsibility.

Our Code of Conduct

Keep Challenging and Growing Together
The development of employees through varied experience is of the utmost importance to the company. Growth will not be achieved without proper challenges.

Find Solutions through Open and Honest Communication
Active communication and information sharing shall be the keys to maximizing our performance. Do not think alone and improve our teamwork. Share information and discuss the best solutions openly with both colleagues and management.

Stay Flexible and Proactive in Changing the Business Activities to Satisfy Customers’ Needs and Requirements
It is important for us to continue to maintain the good practice built up within the company. However, at the same time, customers’ needs are changing and flexibility shall always be a key to our success.

Ensure Compliance, Fulfill our Social Responsibility and Conduct Business in a Transparent Manner with the Highest Ethical Standards
Everyone shall respect the laws and regulations of various nations to maintain and promote free and fair competition and for the benefit of our customers.

Maximize Profitability through Creativity and Operational Efficiency
There will be fluctuation in the shipping markets but there shall be ways to maximize our profitability by optimizing our business activities with innovation.